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P&O Cruises now offer a selection of cruises that include the city of Lisbon as a Port-of-Call.

Some of the best views of the Portuguese capital come as your ship cruises along the Tagus River. You pass the Belem Tower and the impressive Monument to the Discoveries with its statue of Henry the Navigator before arriving at the Lisbon cruise terminal.

Although small for a European capital, this city does sprawl a little so you would do best to concentrate on three districts – Baixa, Bairro Alto and Alfama, each with its own distinctive style.

Baixa has busy streets of inviting shops, cafés and restaurants while Alfama is the atmospheric old town with narrow cobblestone streets, medieval and Moorish-style buildings, wrought-iron balconies with trailing flowers and a mix of small shops and bars. Bairro Alto is another historic district with narrow streets and is a steep climb from Baixa so look out for the 100-year-old lift (Elevador do Carmo) near Rossio Square.

A full list of the P&O cruises that feature Lisbon as a Port of Call can be found here:

Lisbon Cruises from P&O Cruises

P&O Lisbon Cruises also feature a fantastic selection of shore excursions. We’ve listed a few of the most popular excursions below. Please check the P&O Lisbon Excursions page for a complete list of current excursions.

Lisbon – City of Discovery
Begin with a panoramic drive that will show you some of Lisbon’s landmarks, including Pombal Square, Liberty Avenue, Black Horse Square and Rossio, the very heart of the city. See Baixa, the area rebuilt after the city’s disastrous earthquake, and take in the spectacular scene from the viewpoint at King Edward VII Park.

The magnificent 16th century Jeronimos Monastery Church is said to be the most significant building in Portugal and is the purest example of Portugal’s own Manueline style of architecture.

In the Hall of Discoveries at the Maritime Museum, see the rapid progress in shipbuilding from the mid 15th century, capitalising on the experience of the long distance explorers. There are replicas of 16th century maps showing the world as it was known then.

Brief stops will be made during your tour for photo opportunities. Near the Jeronimos Monastery is the lavishly-decorated Belem Tower, from where the Portuguese explorers were given a rousing send off and welcome home. See the Monument to the Discoveries, which marks the 500th anniversary of the death of Henry the Navigator. Stretching across the River Tagus is the huge 25th April Bridge, and the towering monument you will see on the far side is Christ the King.

Sintra, Guincho and Cascais
The picturesque villages of Sintra and Cascais have a unique charm all of their own.

Hailed by poets for the great beauty of its surrounding mountain range, Sintra Village is renowned for the view of the old Royal Palace, perched on the highest peak. One of Portugal’s oldest settlements, occupied by both Moors and monarchs, whose castles and palaces add charm to the village. Enjoy free time to explore at your own pace.

Enjoy a photo opportunity at the Praia do Guincho and capture the magnificent views and the most westerly point in Europe – Cabo da Roca.

Cascais, originally an old Portuguese fishing village, has now become a popular holiday resort. Set alongside the picturesque Bay of Cascais, lovely early 20th century homes mingle with modern buildings, creating a delightful atmosphere. You’ll have some free time to wander along the streets, enjoy the views or browse in the local shops.

The return drive will be along the Corniche bordering the River Tagus, passing by the well-known village of Estoril.

Lisbon Highlights and Coast of Estori
Enjoy the famous sights of Lisbon before travelling to the scenic coast of Estoril.

Begin your tour driving alongside the River Tagus towards the old district of Baixa, with its narrow streets. Along the route, your guide will point out the main sights, including the charming boulevard of Liberty Avenue, lined with gardens and known for its unique black and white pavements. A short stop will be made at the King Edward VII Park, where fine views over Lisbon and the distant hills can be enjoyed.

Enjoy some free time in Estoril to stroll along the promenade, view the gardens of the Casino, which are impressively sited at the top of the central park, or simply relax in a local café.

Heading back to the city of Lisbon, you’ll see the famous Belem Tower and Jeronimos Gothic Monastery. A photo stop will be made at the Monument to the Discoveries, a tribute to Portuguese heroes linked with the age of discovery; from here you can also see the suspension bridge and statue of Christ the King on the other side of the River.

Walking Tour of the City
Stretch your legs as you step back into history in the ancient Alfama district of Lisbon.

From the city centre you’ll take a leisurely walk through Alfama, the old quarter of Lisbon. Walk along Black Horse Square, perhaps the most harmonious in the city, graced with fine buildings and bordering the River Tagus. Passing beneath the Triumphal Arch, you’ll find yourself in the heart of the ‘Baixa’ as you walk up the Rua Augusta, now a pedestrian precinct, and take the funicular lift.

Lisbon Cathedral began as a fortress-church in the 12th century and its towers and walls, still with firing slits, give it the appearance of a citadel. The façade has twin bell towers and a splendid rose window. (Please note no flash photography is permitted inside the church). Enjoy a five-minute ride on one of Lisbon’s funicular lifts, which takes you up to Sao Pedro de Alcantara Belvedere. Walk downhill for a visit to Church Sao Roque which is situated in the Bairro Alto (the high quarter): this church’s plain façade belies a remarkably rich interior.

Lisbon by Tram and Coach
Combine a special tram ride in the Old Town and an exploration of Lisbon’s monumental area to make a memorable tour.

A ride on Lisbon’s most famous and typical form of transport – the tram – is an absolute must. With the added dimension of local waiters serving port wine and traditional pastries on board, this unique tram tour is an ever-popular option. To further enhance this Lisbon experience, you’ll step from ancient tram to modern coach as your tour is rounded off with a panoramic drive of the city’s most famous monuments.

At the famous Black Horse Square, hop aboard the tram for a leisurely circuit through this seven-hilled metropolis. You’ll catch many fascinating glimpses of the ‘old city’ and the Tagus, passing landmarks such as the Parliament, Cathedral and Santa Luzia Belvedere. At Estrela Square, say goodbye to your gaily-dressed waiters as you step onto a coach for the second part of your tour. As you stand before the impressive Gothic-Manueline-style Jeronimos Monastery, your guide will provide you with details of this imposing building. Nearby, you’ll be equally impressed by the lavishly-decorated Belem Tower and the Monument to the Discoveries, which commemorate Henry the Navigator and Portugal’s incredible voyages of exploration.

‘EXPO ’98 Site’ – On Your Own
Enjoy free time at the internationally acclaimed Expo ‘98 site with its wonderful Aquarium.

This tour is a great option for those who like to ‘go it alone’ and have the flexibility of sightseeing ‘at your own pace’. Ideal for adults and children, the ‘Expo ’98 site’ is a popular choice.

Heading across the city of Lisbon towards (Black Horse Square), your coach will take you alongside the River Tagus to the eastern part of town to where the ‘Parque das Nacoes’ is located. This recreation area occupies the site of the former World Exhibition of 1998. Why not explore the riverfront where there are a number of gardens, restaurants, cafés and shops. Alternatively, head straight for The Sea World Centre (Oceanarium) – one of the Park’s most popular attractions – both fascinating and fun – kids will love it!

Don’t miss out seeing some of the site’s most remarkable modern buildings, such as the ‘Oriente’ Railway Station, the ‘Pavilion of Portugal’ and, in the distance, admire the Vasco da Gama bridge – the second longest in Europe.

Estoril Beach
Spend some time relaxing at one of Lisbon’s popular beaches.

What better way to enjoy your day than to head to the wonderful golden sands of Estoril Beach, known for its calm waters and fine sands. Estoril is a very picturesque area, so why not take a dip in the glorious warm waters of the Atlantic or just sit back, relax and soak up the sun.

Take a stroll along the seaside promenade, where you will find a selection of shops, bars and restaurants as well as the renowned Casino and its gardens.

Lisbon by Land and River
A leisurely river cruise, twinned with a panoramic drive, presents Lisbon’s famous city sights from a different angle.

What a perfect combination! See the sights of the city centre and then sit back and enjoy a fascinating river cruise along the River Tagus, savouring finger sandwiches and petit fours as you glide past an array of famous monuments.

A panoramic tour will show you Lisbon’s renowned landmarks, including Pombal Square, Liberty Avenue, Black Horse Square and Rossio, the very heart of the city. See Baixa, the area rebuilt after the city’s disastrous earthquake, and take in the spectacular scene from the viewpoint at King Edward VII Park.

Whatever you do, don’t forget your camera, as you’ll want to capture the charm of Lisbon when viewed from the water. As your river cruise sets off, you’ll see the medieval part of the city. Cruise beneath the spectacular suspension bridge, so reminiscent of the Golden Gate and snap a photo of the monumental statue of Christ the King. The highlight is a sail along the banks of the Belem area, where ancient caravels once set off on their great voyages of discovery. The monuments here are spectacular – particularly when seen from the river – and include the Monument to the Discoveries, the unique Belem Tower and the ornate, Gothic-style Jeronimos Monastery.

Medieval Obidos
Medieval Óbidos is an exceptional example of a classic Portuguese walled village.

Enjoy a 75 minute drive through beautiful scenery before arriving at Obidos.

Resembling an open-air museum, this walled medieval town has been preserved to look like a picture-postcard, with its monuments, narrow winding streets and whitewashed houses with windows and terraces full of flowers.

The Manueline style castle crowns the town and now houses guests in its luxurious rooms. In past times, however, this was a formidable medieval fortification. It was won back from the Moors in 1148 by the King and his men, apparently disguised as cherry trees.

During free time you may wish to walk the ramparts, where you can enjoy views of windmills, vineyards and surrounding farmlands. In the residential area below, narrow cobblestone streets are lined with whitewashed houses sporting terracotta roofs.

Local crafts, delicacies and liqueurs abound in the traditional shops and cafes which line the main street, including the famed local tipple Ginginha, a sweet brandy liqueur made with local cherries.

A Journey to Fatima
Discover the spiritual history that surrounds Fatima and the appearance of the ‘Virgin Mary’ or ‘Lady of the Rosary’ in 1917.

This full day tour will take you through the Tagus Plains and the bullfighting region of Vila Franca, before reaching Fatima, an international pilgrimage site.

According to local lore, 3 peasant children from a nearby village observed a ‘Lady of the Light’ hovering above a small oak tree at the Cova Da Iraia (the cove of peace). This was believed to be the blessed ‘Virgin Mary’ and after returning on the same day for over 5 months, a miracle was said to have been written in the sky in front of over 70,000 witnesses. Today, many people from around the world make the famous pilgrimage to Fatima in search of the miracles.

Visit the famous Basilica with its spectacular stained-glass windows and paintings. Inside the Basilica you will see the resting place of the legendary 3 peasant children, Lucia Santos and her 2 cousins, Jacinat and Francisco Marto, at the Chapel of Apparitions.

Lunch will be served at a local restaurant, following which you will have some free time to explore on your own.

Jeep Safari
Head off the beaten track and into the hills and villages and see some spectacular scenery and typical country villages.

Heading off in your 4×4 jeep you will be taken on a journey through some of the best scenery outside of Lisbon. Entering the Serra Sintra you will take the gravel roads inland with beautiful centenary tree-lined tracks. Marvel at the beautiful landscape as you arrive at the area of Memoria and Palacio da Pena with her peaks on the other side of the hills. This area was devastated by fire and tragically 20 soldiers lost their lives fighting the fires.

Driving along leafy lanes you come to Penedo, a typical country village with its pretty cottages and narrow winding streets. The village church is a national monument, displaying exceptional 17th century tiles which decorate its interior.

Stopping at another nearby village, Almocageme, you will have the chance to relax and enjoy a light snack of local Portuguese sausages, cheese, bread and olives.

Heading back towards Lisbon, you will have the chance to visit Sintra and spend some free time in the square for souvenir shopping.

Scenic Southern Hills
Soak up the scenery and enjoy the picturesque countryside to the south of Lisbon.

This scenic round-trip begins with a drive over the River Tagus by means of the grand 25th April Bridge, 230 feet above the water and the second largest suspension bridge in Europe. Shortly afterwards, a photo stop will be made at a belvedere near the colossal statue of Christ the King, erected as a thanksgiving by the women of Portugal that their men were not actively involved in the Second World War. From the base of the statue, there are magnificent views over the sea and the city of Lisbon.

The mountain range known as the Serra da Arrabida is a unique nature reserve, where you’ll be treated to panoramic views of the countryside from the comfort of your coach. A short stop will be made at the picturesque town of Setubal, Portugal’s third largest port.

On the return drive, you’ll cross the recently inaugurated Vasco da Gama Bridge, which is currently the longest in Europe and the third largest in the world. Towards the end of the crossing look out for a general view of the ‘Expo ‘98’ site.

Palace of Queluz and Cascais
The 18th Century Palace of Queluz is a spectacular site to visit, along with the luxurious and famous gardens.

Perched proudly on the hill southeast of Sintra, the Palace of Queluz is a wonderful piece of architecture. Dating back to 1747, the Palace was once a country mansion built by the infant Dom Pedro, later to be known as Dom Pedro III, it was then re-named Queluz Palace.

The gardens have become a focal point of the Palace with Baroque fountains, statues and places of recreation. You will be able to walk around and enjoy these at your own leisure.

Before heading into Cascais, you will have an opportunity to stop and photograph the viewpoint of Praia Do Guncho and admire the views over the bay. Take time to explore the streets of this small picturesque town or just sit and relax in one of the local cafés and treat yourself to a coffee.

Panoramic Lisbon and Belem
Enjoy all the major highlights of Lisbon from the comfort of your coach. View the Belem area and many more city sites.

A wonderful way to see the city of Lisbon without having to walk around the city. Have your camera at the ready as you enter the area of Belem and view the Presidential Palace, The Monastery of Jeronimos, Tower of Belem and the Monument of Discoveries.

Drive through the exclusive residential district where many of the foreign embassies are located and then see the impressive 18th Century stone aqueduct, 11 miles long, which until recently was used to bring fresh water into Lisbon. A stop will be taken at a belvedere to admire the panoramic view across the city.

Afterwards, drive down the famous avenue of Liberty to Rossio Square, to see the Santa Justa Elavator, designed by Eiffel of the famed Eiffel Tower in Paris. Finally you will see the one of the most impressive squares in Lisbon the Praca co Comercio (Black Horse Square).

This is a great tour for those wishing to relax and enjoy a scenic tour of Lisbon.

Estádio da Luz – FC Bénfica
An unforgettable treat for football lovers and a unique opportunity to gain access behind the scenes at one of the most famous stadiums in Europe.

Bénfica, is also known as the ‘Stadium of Light’ and its symbol is forever linked to the history of Portuguese football.

Your tour will begin with a walk along the gallery where you will learn about the glorious past of the club in its centenary year, and admire the winning trophies up to the present day.

You’ll visit the presidential box, the visitor’s dressing room, the pressroom, the players tunnel, benches and coaching area, and at every turn there are fantastic photo opportunities as you follow in the footsteps of some of the great players like Figo, Ronaldo, Beckham, Rooney, to mention just a few who played here during the European Cup in 2004.

Of all the personalities that join the president in his box during a match when Bénfica play at home, no one is dearer to the fans than Eusebio, the greatest Portuguese player of all times.

The emblem of Bénfica is an eagle and the stadium has their own called Victoria. Before every home match she circles the stadium and at the end of the visit you’ll have the opportunity to have a photograph with Victoria and her coach.

The visit ends with a walk around the pitch and some free time to explore the souvenir shop. Enjoy a panoramic drive through Lisbon city centre on your return to the ship.

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